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Marketing Lessons from 'Welcome' Movie

Hola!! Marketeers. To all those aspiring to open a marketplace virtually and trying to scale their business, this blog from mPOWER will help you learn simple marketing concepts in a fun-loving way.

Understanding marketing concepts from Welcome movie?

1. Creating brand positioning

We all are aware how Majnu Bhai’s crap painting got sold for millions. Did Majnu bhai lured Laila to buy the painting among other paintings by creating a unique image of his masterpiece?

Of course not!!!!!!!

But a lot of brands do create an image for their product known as positioning strategy.

Positioning is the use of marketing to enable people to form a mental image of your product in their minds (relative to other products)

2. Segmentation and Targeting

Do you remember when Rajeev has to devise a plan to bring Uday Shetty and Majnu Bhai out of underworld? He first identified different areas where their interest lies like painting, acting, and the underworld. He then targeted those areas by using his childhood friend Ishika.

This practice is known as segmentation and targeting.

Segmentation is the process of identification of prospective buyer groups (segments) that have common needs/tastes/wants and that might respond similarly to a marketing action.

Targeting involves directing your marketing efforts towards Target Customer Segment to maximize to appeal and marketing efforts.

3. SWOT Analysis

Rajeev, the protagonist had some strengths and also weaknesses. His strength was his girlfriend Sanjana and weakness was his maternal uncle, Ghunghru Seth. When his marriage got canceled, he identified the opportunity of pseudo shooting but faced the threat of getting caught from Majnu Bhai.

This exercise is known as SWOT Analysis.

You can use SWOT Analysis to make the most of what you've got, to your organization's best advantage. And you can reduce the chances of failure, by understanding what you're lacking, and eliminating hazards that would otherwise catch you unawares.

4. Word of Mouth Marketing

Everyone can hear the above image, so does the people who met Uday Shetty. This man promoted the brand ‘Uday Shetty’ by stating his humility and protective nature. In other words, he was employed to perform word-of-mouth marketing.

Word of mouth marketing (WOMM), also called word of mouth advertising, is the social media era’s version of simple word of mouth.

• Traditionally, word of mouth marketing was spread from one person to another based on recommendations.

• Modern word-of-mouth marketing describes both targeted efforts and naturally occurring instances where users share their satisfaction with a brand.

5. Deceptive Marketing

To get married his sister, Sanjana, Uday Bhai starts deceiving people and portrays himself as a sophisticated and ideal man. He uses his power to spread lies but always ends up getting caught.

This is known as Deceptive Marketing

Deceptive marketing is the use of false and misleading information to capture attention of the consumer through the usage of false information to persuade buyers into a business transaction

Hope you enjoyed reading our article. Until next time!!!!

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